VSK Energy is building one of America’s first and largest vertically integrated solar manufacturers.

Our partners’ shared track record demonstrates early adoption of cutting-edge technology, with manufacturing facilities built on global best practices. Furthermore, we continuously explore opportunities and product segments that leverage our existing technology platforms and expertise.

VSK stands ready to support customers as they migrate from yesterday’s dominant PERC modules to today’s TOPCon technology and the emerging HJT panels of tomorrow – continually helping our end users optimize their cost and efficiency.

At VSK Energy, we are reigniting the American solar dream.

A resilient domestic solar manufacturing industry will reduce U.S. dependence on foreign suppliers and long, unreliable supply chains while reshoring thousands of American jobs.

Our plan includes deploying 2 GW of module manufacturing capacity in Brighton, Colorado, with first customer deliveries slated for Q1 2025.

We embrace new technologies and continuous innovation to provide reliable solar modules to customers across the Americas. Our R&D team will utilize AI, cognitive modeling, machine learning, and robotic process automation in conjunction with Lean/Six Sigma methods to streamline our processes, minimize waste, and maximize quality.

Eyes always on the horizon, VSK partners with leading research institutions and laboratories worldwide to support the study and advancement of solar technology.